How does it work?

Start an Idea

Start an Idea for a course with just a few clicks. Share it with your friends on social media to get support for your Idea.

Get Involved

Work with other students to develop and shape the Idea. Vote to have your voice heard and join in with the discussion.

Make it Happen

Anyone can respond to Ideas with a plan for the course. You can support the plan or make your own.


Promote Phase

The Promote phase is exactly how it sounds. It’s all about sharing your course Idea with friends and likeminded students in order to get as much support as you can. Once people support your Idea, they’ll be able to join in the discussions and be kept up to date with how the Idea is developing.

It’s important in this phase that supporters also share the Idea with other students. Use social media and start engaging with supporters by discussing how the course should be. This will generate a buzz around the course and get people coming back to help develop it.


Get Involved Phase

The Get Involved phase is where things really start to happen. It’s where the supporters of the Idea come together to help shape it. Using the Get Involved Dashboard, create talking points and ask specific questions about how your course should be. Join the community in voting on favourite responses.

Whether you have a clear vision for your course Idea or want to open it up entirely to the community, the Get Involved phase is where your spark of an Idea grows into something bigger. It’s important to create good talking points in this phase, as these are brought together into the final plans.


Plan It Phase

The Plan It phase is where your Idea comes together into a complete package. Here plans can be made that sum up all of the different elements of an Idea into one event plan. The community can vote on which plan they like best, making it easy to see the demand for an Idea to become reality.

A plan is the foundation that events are built upon. They are a focussed expression of demand, but also an event plan created by a community of people who are committed to it happening. Anyone can then propose plans for your course.

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